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Meet Our Staff


Laura Lutticken

Laura Lutticken is the owner/office manager at KCW Court Reporters & Video Services. She started managing the office in 2001, when it was still Killion Court Reporters. Laura handles all billing, payroll, scheduling and banking, and makes a wonderful pot of coffee. Laura and her husband moved to Humboldt County from San Francisco in 1997. Laura loves her job and has since her first day at the agency over 15 years ago. She feels at home living in the redwoods with the coastal fog, as it reminds her of San Francisco.

Kerra Hogue-Lindow

While in court reporting school, Kerra Hogue-Lindow worked for a court reporting firm part time. Although being a court reporter did not work out for her, working at a deposition firm did. She has worked for every previous owner of Killion Crnich Wayne Court Reporting since the year 2000 and enjoys her work immensely. Kerra moved to Humboldt County in 1989 from Palm Springs with her husband and two daughters.

Kerra is now the owner/production manager at KCW Court Reporters & Video Services. She handles everything related to the production and delivery of transcripts, as well as archiving transcripts and exhibits. She is very detailed-oriented and efficient, and always willing to tackle any job that is needed for our clients.