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Litigation Support

In the area of computerized litigation support, KCW Court Reporters & Video Services is, and will be, at the leading edge. This focus on technology assures the degree of accuracy and efficiency that you require.

Although we work in the remote North Coast, our commitment to the latest emerging technologies is strong. We can meet the needs of you and your clients efficiently and competently, and will work with you to ensure your litigation requirements are met. Our reporters attend seminars and conventions throughout the state to educate themselves on new technology and products as they become available.

We are pleased to offer:

  • Free Skype Videoconferencing
  • Teleconferencing
  • Video Services with Trial Synching
  • Transcripts in pdf-it™ Format
  • Scanned Exhibits
  • PDF Transcript and Exhibit Portfolios
  • Dropbox™ On-Line File Sharing and Storage

Digital Stenographer