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What’s New


You never have to wait for UPS, FedEX or the U.S. Mail again. Your transcript can be delivered in final, full-text form the minute the reporter signs the certificate. With pdf-it™, you receive through e-mail a full transcript, scanned exhibits, word index and condensed version in PDF format.
Check out pdf-it™ at their website: www.pdf-it.com.

Also available is electronic certification by the court reporter. This is extremely helpful if you are in another jurisdiction appearing in court and need a certified transcript.


The perfect choice for complex litigation with many depositions and hundreds or thousands of pages of exhibits. Exhibits and transcripts are uploaded into the Dropbox™ on-line “file cabinet.” Attorneys, paralegals and court reporters involved in the case are given access to all documents within seconds of the upload, on any computer, wherever they are. Stop carrying boxes of documents with you to depositions — view or print them off your own computer anywhere you are! Find out how this wonderful tool can revolutionize your office: www.dropbox.com


With the above technology, paper transcripts can be a thing of the past. If you order electronic-only versions, you will receive a five percent discount on the transcript, and a 70 percent discount on the exhibits!! All this while saving storage space in your office, easily sharing the documents with your office staff and clients, and helping to reduce paper usage.