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Edmund Duddleston holds Certified Court Video Specialist certification No. 09070 with the American Guild of Court Videographers and has been involved in legal videography since 2005.   Ed comes from a background in business management and financial analysis in the high tech industries.  That background has proven invaluable in the precision and consistency required for legal video, while allowing for the flexibility, problem solving, and forward thinking that the rapidly evolving legal video industry demands.

Ed monitors the deposition constantly while videotaping.  He lists the videotape times of objections and exhibit markings in the event it becomes necessary to locate those in the videotape quickly.  He is always hard at work with his mixer, keeping the audio recordings of each person clearly audible and distinguishable for playback.  This is invaluable in instances, for example, when two people talk at the same time,  and ensures a louder voice does not drown out a softer one.

Ed’s commitment to professionalism makes him an indispensable member of the KCW team, and an asset to the North Coast legal community.